Installation of Mapbender using Symfony built-in webserverΒΆ

Mapbender is built on the Symfony Framework and therefore can make use of the Symfony built-in webserver. This setup allows a quick test of Mapbender without an integration into an external webserver.


The use of the Symfony built-in webserver is not suitable for production environments.

In this document we assume that the SQLite database is used.

  • Please check the installation documentation for Linux respectively Windows.

  • Download the current Mapbender version

  • Extract Mapbender in an arbitrary directory.

  • Start the Symfony webserver.

app/console server:run

The command runs a local web server. By default, the server listens on address and the port number is automatically selected as the first free port starting from 8000.

Now Mapbender is available on the local machine with the address Please note that Mapbender runs in the developer mode per default.

If you run the command several times Symfony will choose the next available port.

You also could change the default address and port by passing them as an argument:

app/console server:run

[OK] Server listening on

// Quit the server with CONTROL-C.

[Mon Jan 31 15:56:57 2022] PHP 7.4.3 Development Server ( started