Git-based installationΒΆ

We have documented the installation from the Git-sources directly in the of the Mapbender-Starter Git-repository:

We have created a Contributing Guide for our Developers which describes the steps to develop with Mapbender and also describes the Installation via Git. This documentation is directly available in the Git-Repository:

Overview: The Git-based installation is for the development of Mapbender or for project-specific customization, that you can save in a cloned Mapbender-Starter. There you can store your own printing-templates, applications or own bundles. With Composer you are able to load the modules Mapbender, FOM, OWSProxy, Digitizer and all other in the versions that you need. During an update of Mapbender you have to compare the status of your Mapbender-Starter. Basic customization is in checking the versions in composer.json.