System requirements and download

System requirements

Mapbender needs the following components in order to run:

  • PHP 5.6 (the newest bugfix-version) or later (php5)
  • PHP CLI interpreter (php5-cli)
  • PHP SQLite extension (php5-sqlite)
  • PHP cURL extension (php5-curl)
  • PHP Internationalization (php5-intl)
  • PHP GD for printing (php5-gd)
  • PHP Multibyte String (php5-mbstring)
  • PHP FileInfo for printing to check image format
  • APACHE mod_rewrite
  • OpenSSL
  • For development, particular the phantomjs helper, you need also the BZ2 extension. (php-bz2)

For Suse SLES and PHP 7 you also have to install (extra packages in SLES):

  • php7-zlib
  • php7-fileinfo

Support PostgreSQL:

  • PostgreSQL version 10 is not yet supported (Doctrine/DBAL 2.7 includes PostgreSQL 10 support).


Mapbender supports also PHP 7 up to version 7.1. You’ll need the above listed libraries for PHP 7 and the following additional ones:

  • PHP Zip (php-zip)
  • PHP Bz2 (php-bz2)
  • PHP XML (php-xml)

PHP 7.2 is not yet supported.


Optionally, in order to use a database other than the preconfigured SQLite one, you need a matching PHP extension supported by Doctrine. For PostgreSQL for example: php5-pgsql.

If you want to use the developer mode or for creating create profiler data to be used to analyze errors you will still need the SQLite extension!


Oracle: Please read the hints for Oracle, that we have summarized in our FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

System requirements Windows

For Windows you also need PHP and therefore a PHP-supporting webserver like Apache.

We have good experiences with the 64-bit downloads of Apache und PHP.

  • Apache Download: The downloads of the Apache Lounge are customized for different Versions of Windows. For newer versions choose the “VC11” or “VC14” variant (this requires the Visual C++ Redistributable für Visual Studio 2012 resp. 2015) and the Win64 version (64-bit).
  • PHP Download: Choose the “Non Thread Safe” variant of the PHP downloads as the x64 version (64-bit).

Comments on Windows

The Apache downloads differ on the version of Visual Studio which was used to compile them and therefore of the right version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. With newer versions of Windows this is usualy without problems. Three different variants exist:

  • VC 14: Requires Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015.
  • VC 11: Requires Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012. PHP usually needs this version.
  • VC 10: Requires Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2008 SP1.

Additionally 32- and 64-bit versions of Apache für Windows exist.

Download of Mapbender

Installation packages are distributed as compressed packages and are available for download at the download page.

After downloading, extract the package in a directory of your choice. In this installation documentation we assume that the package is extracted in the following directories:

  • /var/www (for Linux) or
  • C:/ (for Windows, not recommended, for this doku only).

For the following installation steps, please rename the unzipped directory (for example: “mapbender3-”) to “mapbender”.

You’ll find the next steps of the installation in the following chapters:

For a quick Test you can also follow the Installation in the Symfony built-in webserver. The Git-based installation does not require theses Download packages but loads Mapbender from the Git-sources. In exchange additional installation steps are neccessary.

Directory structure

After unpacking the TAR.GZ- resp. the ZIP-archive, you will see in the Mapbender-folder the following subdirectories:

├── app
├── bin
├── fom
├── mapbender
├── owsproxy
├── src
├── vendor
└── web