The ScaleDisplay displays the current map scale (1:1K or 1: 1000).



  • Title: Title of the element. The title will be listed in “Layouts” and allows to distinguish between different buttons. It will be indicated if “Show label” is activated.
  • Tooltip: text to use as tooltip.
  • Target: Id of Map element to query.
  • Scale prefix: prefix, shown with scale.
  • Unit prefix: prefix, shown with unit.
  • Anchor: scale bar alignment, default is ‘right-bottom’ (use inline f.e. in sidebar).


tooltip: 'Scale Bar'             # text to use as tooltip
target: ~                        # Id of Map element to query
anchor: 'inline'/'left-top'/     # scale bar alignment, default is 'right-bottom'
  'left-bottom'/'right-top'/     # use inline f.e. in sidebar

Class, Widget & Style

  • Class: Mapbender\CoreBundle\Element\ScaleDisplay
  • Widget: mapbender.element.scaledisplay.js
  • Style: mapbender.element.scaledisplay.css

HTTP Callbacks