Mapbender Templates

Get to know the Mapbender templates. Mapbender offers some templates ready to use.

Fullscreen Template


View a demo of the Mapbender Fullscreen Template

Regions of the Fullscreen Template:

  • Toolbar (button region)
  • Sidepane (layertree, legend, search,…)
  • Content (map, navigation toolbar, scalebar,…)
  • Footer (impressum, scaledisplay, …)


  • dark background style of the template
  • fullscreen display with sidepane

Mobile Template


View a demo of the Mapbender Mobile Template

Regions of the mobile Template

  • footer (button region)
  • Content (map, navigation toolbar)
  • Mobilepane (area that will overlapp the map, when a dialog like Layertree, FeatureInfo is displayed)

Please note that not all elements can be used with the Mobile template at the moment. Here is a list of the elements that can be used:

  • Map
  • GPS-Position
  • Layertree (different design, will only show the root layer title of a service, you can only de-/activate a whole service)
  • BaseSourceSwitcher (different design: list not buttons)
  • FeatureInfo
  • Navigation Toolbar (Zoombar)
  • HTML
  • Button
  • SimpleSearch